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2010 Black History Month Program ~ Loo​k Where He Brought Us From: From the Outhouse to the Whitehouse

Uncle Doc "learning" the neighborhood kids about where the Lord has brought them from.

After learning a lot of black history from Uncle Doc, the kids begin to sing one of his favorite spirituals, 'Look Where He Brought Me From'

"Ain't No Stopping Us [Gospel Remix]" 

The cast of Look Where He Brought Us From: From the Outhouse to the Whitehouse

Front Row L to R: Sis. Ashley Bradshaw, Sis. Jasmine Haynes, Sis. Jaela Haynes, and Bro. Joseph Belk. 

Back Row L to R: Sis. Tia Moore, Bro. Carlus Haynes, Bro. Chris Lemon, and Sis. Mechelle Able

Baptism of Mechelle Able  ~ Palm Sunday 2010

Mother Marie Ware leading Sis. Mechelle Able to the baptismal pool.

Coming up a new creature

Resurrection Sunday 2010

"He Arose"

Singing left to right: Joseph Belk, Travis Lemon, James Haynes, & Jaela Haynes

"At The Cross"

Pictured singing L to R: Sis. Mackenzie Lemon, Sis. Jasmine Haynes, & Sis. Yakira Young

Easter Skit: The Characters of the Cross

Pictured L to R: Sis. Jaela Haynes (as the cross), Sis. Mackenzie Lemon (as the spear), Sis. Jasmine Haynes (as Mary), and Sis. Yakira Young (as the nails)

Easter Skit: The Characters of the Cross

Bro. Joseph Belk (as Jesus)

Bro. Carlus Haynes reciting "Jesus Rose on Easter Day" speech.

Bro. James Davis expounding on the importance of the empty tomb.

New Salem youth hammin' it up for the camera

From L to R: Sis. Tia Moore, Sis. Jaela Haynes, Sis. Jasmine Haynes, Bro. Joseph Belk, Bro. Travis Lemon, Sis. Mackenzie Lemon, & Brother James Haynes

Mom and daughter Sister Zora Taylor and Sister Zora McCloud on Easter

Mother Ware singing special request for Mother Herring "He Looked Beyond My Faults"

Pastor and First Lady Haynes on Easter

Community Appreciation Day 2010

Worshipping in the Holy Spirit

Pictured from L to R Sis. Sylvia Devaux and Mother ClaudetteThomas of Temple of Praise COGIC, New Smyrna Beach, FL lead the praise service for our Community Appreciation Day service.

Praise & Worship.

The community actively praising the Lord for He is worthy to be praised.

God's got a blessing with your name on it!

Members of the youth choir blessing God and the community through song.

You must first be a servant.... 

Pictured: Sis. Ashley Bradshaw, Rhonda Haynes, and Mother Essie Henry preparing hot dogs and fish sandwiches.

Bros. Tommie DeVaux and James Haynes, Sr. manning the grill and fryer.

A few satisfied participants of Community Appreciation Day

Bro James Davis making sure all of the kids had enough to ea​t.

New Salem members taking a break from working. 

From L to R: Bro. David Wright, Mother Lorraine Wright, First Lady Beatrice Haynes, and Deacon William Wright.

Fish is up! Get it while it's hot!

That fish is good!

Deacon Isaiah Rouse making sure the drinks are good and cold.

"I won!! I won!!!" 

Community member giving Bro. James Davis the winning ticket for the home floor model stereo.

Community Appreciation Day​ 2018​

Video slideshow of Community Appreciation Day 2018

Pictured from L to R: Sis. Elizabeth Harrell, Sis. Ashley Bradshaw, and Mo. Agnes Leonard

Video slideshow of Community Appreciation Day 2018

Pictured: Community Appreciation Day participants in the congregation during service.

Black History Month 2021

Elder Haynes being entertained by Amira Gray on African Heritage Sunday.

Sis. Elizabeth Harrell in her African attire

Black Queen Gabriella "Gabby" Barnes in her African attire on African Heritage Sunday

From L to R: Sis. Elizabeth Harrell, Bro. Johnny Brown, & Sis. Mattie Bailey on African Heritage Sunday


From L to R: Bro. James Hayes, Sis. Jennifer Haynes, Amira Gray, Sis. Jaela Haynes, & Bro. Carlus Haynes

From L to R: Bro. Markus, Sis. Jaela Haynes, and Sis. Ashley B​radshaw

Sis. Elizabeth Harrell & Bro. Johnny Brown on Tye-Dye Sunday

In the Army of the Lord: Camouflage Sunday June 27, 2021

Gabriella "Gabby" Barnes decides to give her life to the Lord June 27, 2021, asking to join the church by way of baptism.

"Take Me to the Water"

Gabriella "Gabby" Barnes getting baptized

Breast Cancer Awareness Sunday October 17, 2021

Hat Day 2022 

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